1994 bis 2019 – 25 Jahre Theater auf Stelzen

Landsberg am Lech: In 1994 the name “Die Stelzer” was officially used as the name of the theatre for the first time. The management at that time, a trio of Wolfgang Tietze, Peter Pruchniewitz and Wolfgang Hauck, renamed the former “Lechwehrtheater“, which had already begun in 1983, and introduced a new era.

Now 25 years have passed, countless appearances lie behind us. Performances worldwide, from the desert in Morocco, on a ferry in a Norwegian fjord to an icy slope of the downhill ski race in Flachau. Some things have changed, some still remain the same.

Memories, anecdotes, an archive of over 20,000 pictures. This will result in a retrospective, which will be shown in August in Landsberg in the Säulenhalle aus Ausstellung.

The stilts have also grown older. Many have also retired. But just as many young and committed youths have followed, who are just as enthusiastic about theatre on stilts. They are already active as new trainers in Landsberg and have formed a new group that has now prepared something special for the anniversary with their own ideas.


The programe will take place on 29 and 30 June on the main square in Landsberg am Lech.

Here’s the flyer: