2019 Arturo Ui

By Bertolt Brecht

A gangster play that everyone knows and a congenial theatrical spectacle!

ARTURO UI takes place in an authentic circus tent at the fairground in Wunsiedel and in Landsberg am Lech.

Revue, circus, drama, parable, and thriller!

With acrobats, stilt walkers, musicians, and – of course – actors.

Comment of the audience: Listen in

This has never happened before. But now there is.
How to learn to stand, sit and walk.
Whenever there’s a bang, someone dies – unfortunately. But this is the pure truth, nothing is made up.
A gangster play. A play à la Brecht with musicians, actors on stilts, artists and the Ui on top.
But beware, the man is dangerous.

2019 in July in Wunsiedel and in August in Landsberg.
Who dares – the others prefer to stay at home.


Venue: Theater Circus Tent, Waitzinger Wiese, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Google Maps

Sat. August 3 20:00
Sun. 4th August 20:00
Fri. 9th August 20:00
Sat. 10. August 20:00
Sun. August 11 20:00

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First of all strengthen for the evening!

From 18:30 there is food and drinks from Theresas Landbistro from Fuchstal – Leeder.

Parking directly at the venue Waitzinger Wiese.
Parking fee up to 4 hours only 0,50 €: Google Maps

The flyer as PDF: Download Flyer Arturo Ui

Organizer: The Stelzer – Mandl & Hauck GbR, Weilheimer Str. 6d, 86899 Landsberg am Lech

Arturo Ui is a gangster as he is written in the book. Without restraint he makes his way to the top. There, where economy, politics and the top of society secure their sinecures and plunder the state for their benefit. The criminal Ui knows how to use these circumstances for himself and manipulates the powerful with all means.

He does this in his inimitable way and makes the circumstances dance. The corrupt world turns into a gigantic shindig, a circus-like adventure that seems like a dance on a volcano. It’s all in good fun – if things weren’t so serious.

Bertolt Brecht’s exciting political thriller unfolds its full theatrical force and its biting, exaggerated truth in the circus tent. And not only with a view to the 1930s, but for all times.

Here nothing is censored or covered up, here nothing is made up.
It is as it is, make sure of that:


Production: Die Stelzer – Theater on stilts

Production management: Wolfgang Hauck

Production: Theater Wasserburg

Director: Uwe Bertram

Musical direction: Georg Karger

Stilt training: Peter Pruchniewitz

Cooperation: Circus Boldini

Ensemble: Susan Hecker, Hilmar Henjes, Nik Mayr, Andrea Merlau, Carsten Klemm, Annett Segerer and Regina Alma Semmler
Music: Pit Holzapfel, Georg Karger, Anno Kesting, Wolfgang Roth, Leonhard Schilde

Artists: Nina, Philipp, Peter, Nina Selma, Mindi, Chiara, and Danny Frank

Funded by: Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, Bavarian Cultural Fund, District of Upper Bavaria, City of Wunsiedel, Luisenburg Festival and the City of Landsberg am Lech.


“The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” by Bertolt Brecht is a classic of theater. Written in 1941 in Finnish exile with the rise of Hitler in mind as a gangster epic, it was intended to exemplify the rise to power of shady, criminal elements and its consequences for a community.

Uwe Bertram’s production for Theater Wasserburg moves the action into a circus tent and has the actors act like performers in the round of the circus dome. “The performance is revue, circus, drama, parable, and thriller in equal measure,” wrote Egbert Tholl in the SÜDDEUTSCHEN ZEITUNG about the premiere in July 2017.

Yet it remains a play and retains the moral claim and historical reference that motivated Brecht to make theater out of politics.

“By taking the action out of its original era and placing it in the ever-reinventing circus world, Uwe Bertram underscores the timelessness of the play. Unlike a frontal stage, the audience is given maximum transparency in the all-round view: no one can claim afterward that they didn’t notice anything,” writes Ulrich Pfaffenberger, also for the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, in his review, emphasizing that this “timeless power of the parable of the crook who kills his way to the top unchecked” is brought to new life in this production.

“The Wasserburg production also reaches an outstanding level on other levels” emphasizes the critics and praises Hilmar Henjes as Arturo for his “compelling tempo and his presence that breaks every resistance”, stresses that the stage music by Georg Karger creates great depth and that the entire ensemble fills the “circus space with the greatest naturalness, even more: so carefree and inviting that they make the audience a participant.”

All in all, “a magnificent ensemble performance that was met with rich applause, a gripping, delicate play with words and thoughts, as it would have adorned the great Brecht stages in Bochum or Berlin.”

Or, as Egbert Tholl writes:

“Yes, it is summer theater. But one that not many festivals would dare to do. And Brecht would have enjoyed it.”

Photo: Hermann Will