A staging that can be varied in many ways: short scenes, processions, artistry and mobile theatre in the style of the Commedia dell’Arte.

Pulcinella – quick-witted and eloquent, but probably just a chicken thief? Probably the cheekiest and most infamous character from the Commedia dell’Arte.

The staging is marked by the contrariness of the Baroque: on the one hand the strict form, repetitions, reversals, on the other hand the free and permissive improvisation. On the one hand discipline, on the other unrestrained.

The frame of the large production is formed by an impressive family reunion of two “Pulcinelli Signoras”. This procession moves through the streets in a choreographed procession.

But this carefully planned procession – or parade – comes to a standstill easily and even dissolves completely as soon as the “Pulcinellis” are distracted or something arouses their interest. Then apartments and department stores are robbed, children kidnapped, women flattered with amorous offers, wild horse-trading, miracle medicine sold, the kingdom of heaven promised, petty theft or tournaments organized – until the Signoras restore order.

Pulcinelli – Romeo & Juliet – Commedia dell‘Arte on stilts (theatre play)

A burlesque theatre in the style of italian Commedia dell’Arte. The family of “Pulcinelli” appear out of nowhere. They play quick-witted and articulate the tragedy Shakespeare’s middle of the venue.

With great joy, great emotions of love, jealousy, sorrow, hatred, they play with all human emotions.
Through the use of stilts every public space or place can be changed to be a theatre. The spectators are in the middle and near by: With the famous balcony scene or the big fighting.

Pulcinelli – Commedia dell‘Arte on stilts (Walking Act)

A very much varying production: short scenes, processions, artistic and lively theatre, stylised on the Commedia dell‘Arte:
The Pulcinellis are theatre in theatre and are the production with the most variety and transformation.

With help of props like lanterns and sword, or with texts, poems and songs the Pulcinelli create poetical pictures and walking theatre between the audience.

They are more than 20 different variation of this performance, as walking acts for the street or like open-air-theatre with a version of «Romeo & Julia». In Montréal we will show the mobile theatre. Take care!

Duration minutes| Duration length: 40 to 45 minutes
Actors | Cast: 6-8

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