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Wolfgang Hauck has completed various artisanal and therapeutic education and are working as performer, artist, musician, actor, photographer and project developer for more than 30 years. For 24 years he directing the theater “The Stelzer” in Landsberg am Lech. For 8 years he is both culturally and politically the head of “Free Theatre Association Bayern e.V.” active. He develops cultural initiatives and organization as “Fool Time Living Company – Corporation for Performance Realisation”, “Die Stelzer”, “dieKunstBauStelle” and “KIDZ” or concepts such as the “Cultural Relief Program – Training the Trainer”.

Leon Mandl joned the theatre “Die Stelzer” at age of 14. He has worked for more than 8 years on different projects of “Die Stelzer” in Taiwan, Kosovo and Turkey. He is now studying “Fine Arts” at the University of Vienna.

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Sonja Ertl completed the training as a circus educator at the Jojo-Center Munich and is working in different projects in the fields of circus education in the munich area since 2001. Joining the stilt perfomance-group “Die Stelzer” in 2002, Sonja was able to gain experience as a performance artist, rounding off her portfolio which also includes educations as a pyrotechnician and a magician at the school of magic in munich. Besides working for the City of munich in a girls dorm for mentally ill girls, she founded the well-known children’s circus ‘Westendzirkus’. In 2015 Sonja started her training as a professional clown in the “Art of stumble” – school.

Anselm Kirsch is a private drum teacher and music educator in Würzburg. 2014 he finished his music studie as “Bachelor of Music”. His band “Vorzeige Kinder” received the “Bavarian Newcomer Prize” and made China-Tour. He played in several bands such as „Erpfenbrass“, the “Chicken Swings Big Band “and several Project-Orchestras. In 2015 he joined the team for the “Cultural Relief Program” as a specialist for percussion with body-percussion and Cajon-Workshops in Turkey as well as in Germany.

Manuel Schunter studied Physical Theatre in the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland. He toured as Clown with Circus Monti and Circus Sarrasani, performed in the city theaters of Freiburg, Lugano and Bern and works regularly at the Origen Festival Cultural. With his Comedy-Duo Tebe und Leiste he performs in TV-Shows, Varietés and Events. Since 2014 he directs the artistic program of Circolino Pipistrello in Switzerland. He works with Die Stelzer since 2006.

Actor Peter Pruchniewitz studied at the Theatre Academy in Zurich from 1979 to 1982. After graduating he performed regularly across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, appearing in drama, dance and musical theatre productions. Since 1993 he has worked with directors such as Tilman Knabe, Nicolas Brieger, Pierre Audi, Christoph von Bernuth, Jasmin Solfaghari, Bettina Giese, Carolyn Sittig and Peter Konwitschny. Since 1992 he are working as director the play “Licca Line” and “Rheingold” of the “Die Stelzer”. He direced the youth program in Kosovo with stilts “Merula” 2014-2015.


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