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The history of the Stelzer

The beginning 1983 / 1994

The ensemble deliberately does not use any technical effects, sound technology or stage sets. The actors leave the closed stage space and play in the middle of the audience instead. To be visible, they operate on stilts that are up to 1.60 meters high. In addition to their acting talent, they also show off their perfect body control.

The idea for this performance technique came about when the actors were involved in the “Freies Theater München” (FTM). In 1983, actors Wolfgang Tietze and Rheinhold Behling founded the “Lechwehrtheater” as an independent theater ensemble. After a few changes, the group was led by Wolfgang Tietze, Wolfgang Hauck and Peter Pruchniewitz from 1994 under the name “Die Stelzer”.

In 1999, the group was transformed into a GbR, which is represented by Wolfgang Hauck and Peter Pruchniewitz. In 2018, the management team was reorganized with Leonard Mandl and Wolfgang Hauck.

The ensemble has made a name for itself internationally by developing the “theater on stilts” genre.


  • 1983 Foundation of the theater group as “Lechwehrtheater”
  • 1994 Renamed and founded as the theater group “Die Stelzer”
  • 1999 Expansion of professional and international work
  • 2004 Open-air theater tour “Discorsi”
  • 2005 International youth projects in Morocco
  • 2008 Open-air theater tour “Rheingold”
  • 2011 Open-air theater “Licca Line” with 40 young people on stilts
  • 2013 Youth projects in Kosovo and Austria
  • 2014 Youth projects in Turkey, Ireland and Kosovo
  • 2014 Cultural Relief Program – Teaching the trainer, Turkey
  • 2015 Erasmus+ Social Circus with international partners
  • 2017 Production “The Stopping Ascent of Arturo Ui” in collaboration with Theater Wasserburg
  • 2018 Creative Times – Training programs Turkey, workshops in Afghanistan
  • 2018 Branch in Berlin and cooperation with Circus Cabuwazi
  • 2019 25th anniversary of “Die Stelzer”
  • 2020 production in cooperation with Theater Wasserburg “The Rhinos”
  • 2022 Documentary film “The Arturo Project”, premiere at the Five Lakes Film Festival
  • 2022 Start of workshops and training in Venice
  • 2022 Head of Festival Granada, Erasmus+ project “Art Awarenes Action”
  • 2023 Foundation of the ensemble “Die Stelzer – I trampolieri a Venezia”
  • 2024 Engagement in the Venice Carnival in the stage program, 30-year Stelzer anniversary2


Wolfgang Hauck

Leonard Mandl


Landsberg am Lech, DE

Berlin, DE

Venice, IT


1983 The Lechwehr Theater

1994 The Stelzer


Verband Freie Darstellende Künste Bayern e.V.

LAFT Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin e.V.